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Indre et Loire

In the land of François Rabelais, who invented the concept of gastronomy, our gastronomic restaurant in Indre et Loire welcomes you in a modern and colourful setting, bathed in light and in dialogue with nature.

This former 18th century coaching inn, a family heirloom since 1913, was taken over by Odile and Jacques Arrayet in 1989. Named l'Aubinière, the inn quickly became a renowned gastronomic restaurant before becoming a 4-star Hotel & Spa. In our gastronomic restaurant in Indre et Loire, four generations of the art of entertaining have succeeded one another to offer you the best and the sweetness of life in the heart of Touraine.

Chef Jacques Arrayet, never short of ideas, serves up a cocktail of imagination, passion and tradition. The wine cellar, which runs from the restaurant to the lounge, is revealed behind the windows where you can contemplate the nuggets of the region and elsewhere.

Monday Closed
Tuesday 7.30 pm to 9 pm
Wednesday 7.30 pm to 9 pm
Thursday 12.30 to 13.15 / 19.30 to 21.00
Friday 12.30 to 13.15 / 19.30 to 21.00
Saturday 12.30 to 13.15 / 19.30 to 21.00
Sunday 12:30 to 13:15 and 19:30 to 21:00 from 01/06 to 30/09
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Our menus

From the market



Mother's Day Menu

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Flavour menu

Menu  Flavours of the moment

This menu is for the whole table
48.00 €   starter, main course, cheese or dessert

58.00 €   starter, fish, meat, cheese or dessert



Amuse bouche


The Snails of Mouliherne (25.00€)

On a bed of flat-leaf parsley, crushed tomato, pink garlic vapour, bread tuile

Organic Scottish salmon (18.00 €)
Semi-cooked on a vinaigrette of white coco beans, tomato and baby greens


The Fish of the Moment (24.00 €)

Marinated with lemon thyme, gratinated with coloured carrots, green celery and enoki


Farmhouse Pork  (24.00 €)

Punta de Lomo with rosemary, spelt and shiitake mushrooms
roasted parsnips and salsify, reduced juice


Apples and quinces (16.00 €)

Confits, creamy rum patidou, sorbet Sydre by Éric Bordelet, honey/cinnamon tile

Plate of 3 Touraine cheeses (16.00 €)




The cheese platter: 22.00 €.

All dishes are served à la carte, prices ( )

The prices are inclusive of VAT,(VAT 10%)  service included

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Mother's Day Menu



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Market menu



The restaurant is fermé
Monday all day, Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch

tAll our prices are inclusive of VAT and service.s

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Inspiration menu

Inspiration menu

Autumn colours
This menu is for the whole table

60.00€   starter, main course, before dessert, dessert

72.00€   starters, fish, meat, pre-desserts, desserts


Amuse bouche



The Saint James' Day (34.00€)

On a broccoli mousse with Caulières rapeseed oil
vinaigrette of coloured cauliflower, pea shoots and garden chervil

Le Maigre des Sables d'Olonne (38.00€)
Steamed Kombu seaweed on a Kabocha cream of pumpkin soup
conchiglie and chanterelle mushrooms, cockle broth foam


Farmhouse guinea fowl (36.00€)
Chestnut supreme, reduced juice
porcini mushrooms, potato and grape gratin, caramelised chicory



Before dessert

Valrhona chocolate

Guanaja sparkling quenelle with coffee and cardamom



La Poire William (18.00€)

Poached in a Touraine saffron syrup,
soft pistachio cake, creamy Matcha tea, raspberries and blueberries





We apologize if any changes to products or services are made.
of support are provided according to the market.

*Please specify when ordering if you have any intolerances,

contraindications or food allergies

Prices are inclusive of VAT (10%) Service included


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The art of entertaining

The Leader

Originally from Reunion, Jacques Arrayet discovered his passion for this profession by watching his mother cook and by enjoying his grandparents' dishes, hence his cuisine based on taste and seasonal products.

After graduating from the Biarritz Hotel School, he gained experience in some of the best restaurants in Paris (Intercontinental, Crillon), in Sens (Hôtel de Paris et de la Poste where he met his wife) and in Tours (La Rôtisserie Tourangelle, an institution in the heart of the old town). He worked for 5 years with Chef Duguet, who allowed him to express his art, before becoming owner, with his wife Odile, of the family inn in 1989. Odile, a sommelier, offers a rich and varied wine list, with a special focus on the wines of the Loire Valley.

Let Odile and Jacques Arrayet guide you through your culinary journey at l'Aubinière and help you discover the flavours and aromas of Touraine.

2 hours from Paris

Special offers

Christmas at the Château


Gourmet Stay 2 nights

730.00€ instead of 836.00€.

Face Care Offer


Autumn B&B at l'Aubinière

-20% in B&B

Discovery and Zen evening

From 265.00€ to 410.00€.

An evening of pleasure for the senses



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Special offers

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The spa

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