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Discover a gentle way of life


In a contemporary and intimate universe, which combines glass, stone and steel, our wellness area is composed of an overflowing spa with a view on the garden, hammam, sauna, experience shower and our treatment room, everything is conducive to relaxation during your stay at the Aubinière, spa hotel near Tours.

Discover the Sothys range through the protocols and massages given by our spa manager. After your treatment, a moment of indulgence will be served in the herbal tea room, facing the pool.

The French SOTHYS 100 % beauty products are available for purchase in our shop. These cosmetic products inspired by traditional recipes from around the world will give you a spa-like experience at home.

By appointment, our Sothys Spa is accessible to external clients with 30 minutes access to the wellness area.

From April to October, you can relax around the heated swimming pool, which is open to nature (reserved for hotel guests only)

Our spa l'Aubinière is pleased to welcome you from Tuesday to Sunday by appointment at

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Care map

Facial care

Rituals and Body Care


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Our rituals and body care


  • The Indonesian signature treatment (60min/95€)

This exotic treatment, with the scent of jasmine and sandalwood, invites you to listen to your body to give it a powerful feeling of well-being through a rebalancing of energies. It combines a breathing ritual with a relaxing and deep body massage.

  • The Prestigious Secret Ritual (60min/120€)

A well-being interlude with chypre fragrances combining a body scrub with sublimating granite, followed by a delicate rinse with hot towels and a relaxing shea butter massage

  • The Hanakasumi (75min/130€)

This Japanese-inspired treatment is a real invitation to travel. It consists of a double body exfoliation, a digi-plantar massage and a gentle body modelling with shea butter and the scent of Asia.

  • The Polynesian Escape(90min/140€)

After the welcoming phase, the body is covered with coconut oil and shea butter and then rests in a cocoon of warmth, before being massaged gently and deeply, with the forearms to recall the movements of the ocean

  • The Gourmet Ceremony (120min/160€)

A succession of delights, starting with a sweet and salty body exfoliation, followed by a deep massage of the back, legs and scalp, and ending with a facial, with the scent of the season

  • Relaxing Back Care (60min/90€)

The complete back treatment provides you with relaxation and well-being with its melting scrub with Indonesian scents, a warm wrap, as well as a deep massage that will free you from your daily tensions

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    • "Tailor-made, please!"

    The customised massage is adapted to your current needs. We use a nourishing scented oil. You can choose the duration that suits you;


    • 60min/90€.
    • 45min/€75
    • 30min/€55



    • Deep tissue (75min/110€)

    Carried out with a dry oil based on arnica and camphor, this massage is a sequence of tonic and strong manoeuvres, followed by stretching, this massage will act on the deepest tensions of your body



    • Candle modelling (60min/90€)

    Slow and relaxing thanks to the warmth of the candle, which transforms into a creamy oil, deeply nourishing the skin and giving a sensation of deep relaxation


    Hand and foot care


    • Customised foot care (60min/65€)

    A complete treatment for more moisturised and cared-for feet


    • Customised hand care (60min/65€)

    A treatment that combines efficiency and relaxation for softer hands that are well cared for right to the end of the nails


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    • Organics Face Care(30min/50€)

    This new express treatment will give your skin back its radiance and freshness


    • Seasonal Facial Care (45min/58€ or 60min/68€)

    A radiant and moisturising treatment with fragrances that vary according to the season


    • Sothys intensive treatments (75min/90€)


    • Youth

    This global anti-ageing treatment combines relaxation and expertise for visibly younger and more radiant skin


    • Hydra 3HA

    This cocooning treatment combines technicality and softness for a more supple and rehydrated skin


    • Energy Detox

    A de-stressing and detoxifying "2.0" treatment that fights pollution, dullness and a tired complexion


    • SECRET Excellence Face Care (90min/160€)

    A unique ritual that combines exceptional products and techniques. The skin is rested, younger and deeply moisturized (including hair removal and eyebrow shaping)


    • Men's Care (45min/58€ or 60min/68€)
    A treatment that combines relaxation and effectiveness, for a detoxified and rehydrated skin.
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425055 14 cb l aubiniere st ouen les vignes spa 29 selec

Special offers

3 Nights at L'AUBINIERE

-20% on tariff

Discovery and Zen evening

From 240.00€ to 385.00€.

An evening of pleasure for the senses



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Special offers

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