Hotel Tours


City of Art and History, located half an hour from our hotel, Tours is a jewel in the heart of the Loire Valley. Capital of the kingdom of France between 1450 and 1550, it has an exceptional heritage that it has managed to preserve and enhance.
Start your discovery in the historic heart of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From our hotel, Tours is only a few minutes' drive away. You will be impressed by the quality of preservation of the houses and mansions from the medieval and Renaissance periods. Admire, for example, the Beaune-Semblançay mansions, the mansions of the Dukes of Touraine or the house of Tristan L'Hermite. Among the must-see monuments, visit the Saint-Gatien cathedral, built between the 12th and 16th centuries and mixing Romanesque, Radiant and Flamboyant Gothic and Renaissance styles.
Nearby, the castle of Tours, former residence of the Counts of Anjou, displays its impressive towers, one of which bears the name of the man who escaped from it in 1591: the Duke Charles de Guise.
But also enjoy the banks of the Loire and the Cher and appreciate the many bridges and footbridges that span them and the beautiful parks and gardens that border them.

Plumereau Square

Close to our hotel in the heart of Old Tours, the Place Plumereau is an ideal place to have a drink during your visit to the city. Lined with 15th century half-timbered houses, it offers a wonderful setting and many café terraces where you can imagine life in Tours in medieval times.

The Castle

Often damaged by the vicissitudes of history and time, the castle, 30 minutes from the hotel in Tours, has been restored many times. From the 13th century, only the two medieval towers remain (those of Guise and the Secret Dungeon) between which the Pavillon de Mars was built in the 18th century. Today, the castle houses the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Tours History Workshop.